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polarstar won't fit my spr letsxgoxgators 564 3
by codymash
Semi-Automatic Trigger Issues BossNobody 268 2
by Allizard
What's the maximum safest FPS the Trident can handle? brockwright 340 2
by Darth
Will this battery fit in the CRB? BScottyT 349 5
by GoldxEagle
CRB buffer tube? Coalition37 3,829 9
by KRISS Sierra Tango
PDW battery Daggermaw 454 5
by Dylan
P* SPR letsxgoxgators 225 3
by snapshot
Krytac patches?
1 2
mahalo5000 612 16
by Verdehuracan
SPR problems when shooting. Daggermaw 264 7
by Caivman
How to decipher the serial number? KrytacShooter 203 4
by KrytacShooter
Updates to get a little better accuracy and FPS Grimace 5,234 10
by Grimace
100 FPS drop with hop up on ThePinballwiz 222 6
by ThePinballwiz
Krytac LMG FPS Rates Kilonoid 671 11
by psiamp
Can't fit battery due to fuse? ThePinballwiz 327 5
by SDsc0rch
Need a QD Sling Plate on Krytac CRB. Anyone know which one fits? maximusa 903 8
by BossNobody
QD Milspec Buffer Tube on the CRB Yogi 173 2
by Yogi
This happened while cleaning CRB. Any help is appreciated! middie26 308 5
by Plaxito
How Well does SPR work in CQB envviroments SilentRa1n 872 10
by Triumph
A Written Review Of The Krytac Trident CRB
E-House 594 5
by TrippleBeem
Need help removing upper receiver SilentRa1n 550 4
by letsxgoxgators
Krytac CRB or SPR maximusa 1,153 3
by Tactical_Fork
Krytac PDW? Coalition37 403 12
by letsxgoxgators
Just the Tip?
1 2
PenguinBravado 1,006 15
by DiabloDan
Bevel Gear Sheared on CRB Zacknikov 342 5
by JBird
A question about springs? xzandernm 268 3
by Allizard
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