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Diy cover for hopup dhong_sd 112 0
by dhong_sd
BBs getting stuck inside gun untamedtoplay99 145 7
by untamedtoplay99
Idk whats the problem Louie99 130 5
by DMeacham115
Vector gearset DMeacham115 114 1
by kinesis
Mid cap spring replacement or buy new ones? Bionic 151 8
by rocketdogbert
Cylinder size in Krytac Kriss Vector kinesis 308 7
by kinesis
Upgrade V Gearbox dhong_sd 167 2
by Twstdplsre
My prototype Vector Battleaxe D-60 magazine rocketdogbert 884 7
by kinesis
30amp fuse on Vector dhong_sd 151 3
by Guges Mk3
hop up for Vector kinesis 404 8
by kinesis
rear wired vector harrythecobra 93 3
by rocketdogbert
broken gear with M130 spring cheetos 766 6
by Kraken_Wrangler
Any ETA for "airsoft spec" accessories?
1 2
Ragshnak 1,040 16
by KRISS Sierra Tango
battery question kinesis 128 8
by Guges Mk3
Adjusting motor height dante_vietro12 535 12
by dante_vietro12
Midcap Spring Replacements Letumbuh 119 9
by Kraken_Wrangler
voided my warranty kinesis 133 5
by Guges Mk3
Useable with 11.1V LiPo? xsiand 1,137 8
by Guges Mk3
Kriss vector maintenance Paniccreator 264 9
by Paniccreator
Vector Low Caps PoseidonsBeard 283 4
by Ragshnak
Included Magazine Sigma 304 4
by seanAgone
Would changing to Deans breach the warranty? HGC 173 2
by HGC
gear box cycle kinesis 174 12
by Guges Mk3
Changing ETU in the Vector Vectorguy1 193 4
by leechmonger
Active brake upgrade for the mosfet? Callsign_ake 246 1
by leechmonger
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