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So guys, i've read somewhere that the krytac stock air nozzle length is 21.13mm
But mine apparently is leaking just a little and i thought about buying the lonex POM nozzle (which is the same umbrella armory uses for their upgrades on krytac) but apparently their air nozzle for m16 is 21.22mm, but they also sell a nozzle that has 21.13mm (that apparently looks the same) but they say it's for PSG-1
By the way, i'm using Lonex piston head and cylinder head.

My question is, which one of the two should i buy? the PSG-1 (21.13mm - same length as the stock) or the M16 (0.09mm more)?
Do i risk having it causing feeding issues by that 0,09mm more? Or i risk more compatibility issues with the PSG-1?


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Buy the M4 one, and if you need, just file it down a touch. This isn't a Krytac specific problem, most nozzles are intentionally just a bit longer because sometimes they can actually help feeding in some situations, and its always better to have too much nozzle than too little nozzle since you can always shave off length but never take it back.

So buy the longer one, install it, and if you have issues, slowly file it down bit by bit until the error resolves.

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No less than 21.10mm, not greater than 21.25mm

You can trim the distance down and finetune your compression if you know the distance between your gearbox and chamber.
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