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Hello Krytac Forum, 

Just purchased a Krytac MK2 LMG. I understand that out of the box, it shoots around 380 fps with 0.20g bbs. My local field has a 50ft MED for LMGs, which would allow me to bump up the fps to just under 450 fps with 0.20g bbs and still be within regulation. I would like to do this to eek out a little more range and power and to strike fear in the hearts of my enemies.

My question is this: What would be the best route to achieve <450 fps? Other than swapping the stock spring out for an M130 or M140 spring, I really am not sure what else I should upgrade to withstand the added stress of the stronger spring. Also, is it a bad idea to push for such a high fps when this LMG will already be under the stresses of full-auto firing?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. 


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putting that sping puts a lot of stress on the parts. You should get a full metal tooth piston, I have a shs one in my spr mk2 and it works great. You may also need a stronger battery and motor to pull that stronger spring

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Run it stock. Review options after your warranty period. Bear in mind the stock config has a higher rate of fire, which is advantageous for a support gun.
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