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I bought the krytac Trident mk2 spr and after a week it started making a nasty noise and the fps went from 380 to 340 with .20g bbs then the fuse blew.. I replaced the fuse and with a few minutes blew again.. So I put another fuse in then it stopped working completely.. I phoned the supplier extreme airsoft Leicester and I sent the gun back and it was sent to krytac UK for repair only to say the fuse had blown and the motor needed adjustment.. So the supplier told me that because I used a 11.1 20c battery that the warranty is void. I told the supplier that was not good enough and I wanted my money back.. They said no chance because I used the wrong battery (then didn't say when I bought the gun a recommended battery) I've had a G&G for ages and its been fine.

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Yeah it sounds like the gun was assembled incorrectly, or bad parts were used, caused PME to occur and the gun to eventually fail.

To not have this remedied would be outrageous. Airsoft warranties are and should be short, but this is one of the biggest things they should protect against.

Best of luck getting this fixed man.
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