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Hello Krytac Forum!

This is my one of my first posts here so I thought it might be more special if I just decided to cram all of my ideas into one thread. What I'm hoping to accomplish with this post is to just get everyone's opinion on what I hope to be my future build and what people have found works for them. I have kind of just ghosted around the forums for maybe half a year before this but made my account a few weeks ago to talk about what I’m thinking.

I got my Mk 1 CRB from evike, near the end of june last year. It is still my second gun, intended to outmode my flat-hopped lancer tactical. Which it did. My best friend also picked up a CRB in tan at the same time I did (Mine is black). We both took our CRBs to our first airsoft game and it was just a lot of fun. However, there’s always that nagging sense that something else better is out there, but of course that will always be there. I intend to humor it this last time though (No way it could ever be the last time, theres always one more thing I could do [smile] .However I think my parts list begins to cover pretty much all the areas in which I find my krytac could be improved.

For my build I would like to create a gun with superb trigger response on a lipo, accuracy as well as precision out as far as I can get it with .28g (I would be open to a higher bb weight if you all recommend it but right now I believe the .28g to be the healthy balance of keeping my fps and achieving range, without changing my spring) I would also like to see a low fps deviance. I add this last item as I am currently under the impression that a great part of my krytacs accuracy is due to it’s already low fps deviance, and that if I can lower this even further I can be sure that my bb will make the same path every time, as they all leave the barrel at relatively the same power. One of my biggest emphases is really to just tune it. A definitive shim job, aoe and such. This build is meant for the medium to longer engagements of field play.

Ok whew,

Finally my list.

---Trigger response---

11.1v Lipo-

Turnigy nano-tech 2000mah 3S 15~25C Lipo AIRSOFT Pack

Yes, I see this is 25c

Up until now I have been plinking with a 9.6 NiMh and it’s not too shabby. Of course it will be better with a Lipo though. I see this is a 25c battery and I have read up on overspin and am aware it is a problem, though it doesn’t seem to be very prevalent. All of the posts on this forum regarding overspin seem to have appeared and disappeared in a short amount of time (excluding that new post involving the Mk 2), could this problem be caused by a bad batch of mosfets? I say mosfets because I am under the impression it is their job is to hold a “reservoir” of charge and release a certain amount and this improves trigger response. If the mosfet releases too much could this result in the overspin we have been noticing? Maybe just a bad batch in general? I say batch because there are many krytacs that run like a dream with these 11.1v lipos.

How much of a risk would I be presenting myself to if I purchased this pack? I see many reviews on youtube where the gun runs perfectly with an 11.1v.

Last thing about the battery, do you think this three cell configuration would fit with two packs in the side tubes and one resting vertically against the butt pad? If yes, would it hinder stock movement in anyway?

Deans connectors-

Nylon T-Connectors 10 Pairs (20pc)

Deans don’t seem to be the best connector out there, but here’s a good deal, and they are sure a heck of a lot better than tamiya.

Straight Trigger-

Retro ARMS CNC Custom Straight Trigger - Blue

*Tries desperately to think of evidence based reason* uuuuuuuh... Looks cool. Probably will make me shoot faster because.

---Accuracy, Precision, and Range---

Okay okay okay, I need to get this off my chest. I bought a madbull black python 6.03.

Please keep reading.

I think I remember there being some ill-will aimed at madbull barrels but I might be remembering wrong, but if there is I used logic in this purchase, I promise. I still have my stock barrel preserved carefully but I picked up a madbull due to the claims that it has a longer barrel window, which is supposed to be good when you R-Hop. Which is actually the entire premise that ER-Hop works on. Please do not blow me off due to this possible mistake? I can always R-Hop my krytac barrel if you think it would be better. Or leave it stock, but I think R-Hop could give me what I want. Also it’s always nice to have something to practice on. My last wish would be to screw up my stock parts.


Already purchased ten feet of mcmaster carr and am enjoying fiddling around with it. No results yet.


Ummm, so yeah... I still have my stock one!

---Low FPS Deviance (compression, consistency?)---

 Air Nozzle-

Lonex POM M4A1 / M16A2 / RIS / SR16 Air Nozzle

Honestly, I’m not sure about this one yet. The only thing that makes me think I might need it is that the krytac one does not come with an O-Ring. I have read what Allizard said about how an O-Ring might even decrease performance but I still have a nag telling me the compression boost could be worth it. Full disclosure, I don’t even have a chronograph yet. If you have gone after this angle before what was your desired fps deviance? What deviance is acceptable? What nozzle would you recommend if you would recommend one at all?

---Tuning and Such---


SHS 30-Piece Shim Set

Aoe Correction-

I know krytacs already have some goshdarn near perfect AOE already, but anything I can do to clean it up with some washers on the piston is welcome, if it even needs it at all that is.

Barrel Lockdown-

Just gonna candy-cane my barrel with teflon tape really, I am looking for no side to side play, but can still slide in and out, correct?

---Upgrades I have considered but turned down, and Why---

Dual Sector gear-

For this, and the next two upgrades in this section, the whole idea was to tighten up my cycle rate. My line of logic went cycle rate --> ROF --> Better semi-auto shooting, which is in the end what I want. An AEG designed to thrive at the longest ranges attainable with accuracy and precision for AEGs as a platform. The reason I specifically ruled out DSG is because it looks like it would get me almost more than I want for my build? It seems like I could get a modify brand dual sector gear for pretty cheap but I think I would be cutting too many corners with too little knowledge if I attempted this kind of build.

SHS 13:1 Gearset-

It seems like a mistake to replace a gearset that retails for $75 with one that goes for about 25. And also I think I remember something in the forums about needing to sand down material in order for aftermarket spur gears to fit.(

Short stroking-

I would hate hate, hate to go grinding on my krytac gearset but maybe that’s just me. And if I bought another gearset specifically for short stroking then I lose one part that makes the krytac so great in the first place.

Trigger contact/trolley modifications-

Most of these upgrades seem to be irreversible and I would like to avoid that as much as possible. Yes, I realize deans might fall under that category but it can be reversed with some time and I have a relatively unfounded hatred of Tamiyas.

---The end? Finally?---

Just to sum things up I’d first like to say that at this point nothing could hurt more than a TL;DR. Please don’t tell me to look it up myself as well, I hope that it’s evident that I have in fact done my research, and gone as far as I could. Hence the post. But if those are the only responses this post is rewarded with then so be it, but absolutely any new knowledge or insight would be so so appreciated. I will always weigh information from someone who experienced it first hand more heavily than from someone who hasn’t. If you’ve read everything this far, truly, thanks. I’d love to hear your opinion. If you just skipped to this paragraph because it was labeled “the end” I’d be grateful if you went back and read it. This is a post asking for information, but if you gained any yourself then great!

Good luck to everyone else trying to build the perfect krytac and I hope this is a helpful post for everyone!

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Howdy, this is an awesome thread, hopefully it'll share different learned combinations if anyone wants to play around under the hood.

Looks like a nice build that you're coming up with, there are a couple of suggestions I would make.

-If you're going to switch out the trigger and like you said, don't want to do anything too permanent, you might want to take a look at this....  I'm ordering one this week so I don't have any experience with it yet but it looks like a pretty clever and effective mod.

-Be very careful when shimming the gearbox as not to overshim and break your bearings or other bad stuff.  The shimming that comes stock are .2 shims and shimmed pretty good.  If you are going to mess with it I would start with a .15 first, if you're shimming more a .15 and .1 and work in small adjustments.

-I haven't switched out the gears or motor yet so I can't really comment on that, let me know what combo works if you do, but I have played with the compression quite a bit.  From what I've experience, unless you're just switching out the bucking and the nub, any other switch, like a nozzle, requires switching out everything else too.  This is because the compression system in the Krytac is truly fit to itself.  The cylinder head, nozzle, and mouth of the hop up (the part that fits to the nozzle, don't know if there's another name) are all slightly larger than many aftermarket ones.  So if you just switch the nozzle it may be too tight on the cylinder head and too loose in the hop up.

I Haven't tested many batteries yet, I use a Matrix 11.1 1350mah 15c and a Valken 11.1 1200mah 20c and have had no problems.

So far I've switched out the entire compression system; barrel, hop up, bucking, nub, nozzle, cylinder head, cylinder, and piston...the works. I'm really liking this combo thus far, it feels like a laser:

-Prowin hop up
-Madbull 407 mm 6.03 barrel
-Maple leaf 70 bucking
-Maple leaf RTX nub
-SHS cnc'd aluminum nozzle
-Lonex cylinder head
-SHS cylinder
-Lonex Piston
-Krytac bushings

I left the Krytac piston head because there hasn't been a reason to switch it, it works great.  I haven't played with the gears much either but eventually would like to have something a little stronger and faster.  I think when that happens it's also going to come with switching out the mosfet and trigger switch.

I'm going to put in the tunable trigger and a sector chip this week as well as have access to a chrono so I'll update after that.


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Hi Revolver_Oci, thanks for a great reply, and especially that link to the tunable trigger. I really like the idea of being able to adjust it, rather than a one size fits all. 

- I will keep in mind what you what you have said about shimming, I've never shimmed anything before so I guess I could practice on my lancer tac first to get a feel for it. My goal for an end product in shimming it would be as little noise as possible. Kind of a wishy-washy idea I guess but it'd sure be fun.

- Thanks for what you said about your batteries, it's good to hear someone is using a 20c without getting overspin.

- That does sound like a really nice build. How do you think those maple leaf buckings stack up against krytacs? I'm planning on sitting down for a while and R-hopping it but if I just can't get it to work would you recommend the maple leaf as a step up from the krytac bucking?

- I like your insight about the tolerances of the compression system, I really hadn't taken that into account until I saw your post. I think that I will find a chrono first and see if I have anything to improve anyway.

Thanks for your post, really appreciate it.

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Made this comment on your previous post...just gonna lay it back out there:

I got a 7.4v 20c lipo for my CRB. I did some research on the 11.1v, and I read too many times that it makes the gun double fire. There still were a lot of cases where it was just fine, but I didn't want to chance having to deal with it. I am very pleased with how my CRB performs on a 7.4v 20c lipo. Trigger response is very snappy. 

I put a 363mm matrix Prometheus type 6.03mm tight bore barrel in mine. It works like a dream. It is longer than the stock outer barrel, though, so I got a 110mm short mock suppressor. I have a picture of my setup on the picture thread if you'd like to see it.

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Hi HardcoreWL, thanks for your reply, and I have to say, that is a really nice looking krytac, with the matching stock, pistol grip and foregrip. Thanks again for your opinion on the batteries. I think I might just order a 7.4 and an 11.1 and see what happens. I'll be sure to post my results but it might be a month or two as I am an exchange student outside of the good old US of A right now. I guess it just gives me more time to pick out parts.

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Originally Posted by Krytaclysm
Hi HardcoreWL, thanks for your reply, and I have to say, that is a really nice looking krytac, with the matching stock, pistol grip and foregrip. Thanks again for your opinion on the batteries. I think I might just order a 7.4 and an 11.1 and see what happens. I'll be sure to post my results but it might be a month or two as I am an exchange student outside of the good old US of A right now. I guess it just gives me more time to pick out parts.
i know this is kind of late but how did putting in that speed trigger turn out? Ive been wanting to do that for some time but scared i would have to dremel something or it mess something up

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As a 5 year airsoft tech, I am always doing builds and modicifations to gearboxes esspecially. As stated above Krytac has an issue with their gearbox design; their spur gear bearing mount. Their spur gear bearings sit higher than the sector and bevel gear bearings resulting in little to no room for shims and other "TM Compatible" gear sets. Yes their gearset is pretty tough and I am not attacking Krytac's work, but doing builds for other people I had to tell a guy I could not swap in a DSG setup into his Krytac because I would have to mill out the extra material that raises the spur gear bearing just to fit a different spur gear inside. I like Krytacs internals and I applaud their work, BUT I wish they would come out with a new designed gearbox featuring almost 100% TM combatibility for us aisoft techs. 
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