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Hi Krytards, 

I am loving my LVOA-S so far. I have found myself being able to counter snipers very effectively, unfortunately after I engage the target, everyone knows where I am. So I 

I do have an Umbrella Armory Prometheus 6.03 EG inner barrel with R-hop and flat bucking on the way. I am wondering if this will help make it quieter or make it louder?

I'm even to the point where I might change the front rail out so I don't need to purchase a barrel extension and can run a regular suppressor on it. 

Any thoughts or pictures of your set up would be appreciated!

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lol... this is the 1st time I hear someone use Krytards outside of my FB group.  

Where didn't you learn that word?  

Back to topic, inner barrel and/or bucking doesn't change the sound decibel of the gun.   You are better off just keep moving to another area after you take out enemy sniper.  

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If you really wanted a silent build:

Get your voluming completely correct to eliminate most of the barrel pop, use "silent" piston head and cylinder (I don't believe that they actually work), get a set of perfectly shimmed helical gears (almost impossible to shim properly though so good luck) including motor pinion, do a high speed SSG setup with the gears and motor to reduce cycle time and get a TITAN and use precocking to make the perceived cycle time even shorter.

It probably won't help much though. Switching positions is just a major part of the game.

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