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Hi everyone

I`m looking @ upgrading my lvoa but this is a list of things I kept in my. I can only order from Evike of someone can suggest any other part please do. Would be appreciated.

Inner Barrel: Prometheus Inner Barrel with R-Hop

Hop Up System: ProWin CNC Hopup Chamber for M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles & Mad Bull 60 Degree Shark Bucking With Fishbone Spacer

Electrical: Gate TITAN Airsoft Advanced drop-in AEG MOSFET Complete Set with Programming Card and USB-Link - (Rear Wired)

Piston:SHS High Strength Polycarbonate Piston w/ Steel Teeth for Airsoft AEG Gearboxes (Type: High Speed Lightened / 15 Teeth) Out of Stock

Piston Head: Lonex Aluminum POM Expanding Piston Head for Standard Airsoft AEG Gearboxes

Cylinder Head: ASG Lonex AEG Gearbox CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head - Ver. 2 (M4 / M16 / SCAR / MP5)

Air Nozzle: Lonex Complete Internal Upgrade Series Enhanced Cylinder Set for MOD5 Airsoft AEG Rifles - POM Ventilation Type  Out of Stock

Motor: ASG Infinity CNC U-30000 Long Axle Motor

Bearings: Umbrella Armory 8mm Caged Bearings - Set of 6 Out of Stock  Out of Stock

Gearbox: Any suggestions.

 Make suggestions for out of stock things please.



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What you want to hear:
  • ProWins can be hit or miss. I love mine, but I don't know if I'd recommend you buy one considering the Krytac one is perfect so its likely you'd lose performance from the move if any change of performance should occur.
  • You're going to have to modify the gearbox shell to fit the titan.
  • The SHS blue 15t FMR piston is the best of the SHS pistons so try and get that one, the others have tended to be a bit more inconsistent batch to batch especially with fitment on the rails in the GB.
  • The piston head would be fine, but I'd pick up the POM one if its available.
  • If you need an alternative air nozzle, the SHS O-Ring nozzles have always been good to me.
  • The motor and bearings should be a good choice.
  • I'd recommend you keep the stock GB shell, radius it and modify it to fit the TITAN.
  • You're also going to want a new gearset, since the stock set is only really acceptable in the stock use case.

What you might not: You are spending a LOT of money here for very little improvement. You can spend a lot less AND get a lot more performance. Here is what I'd do instead:

  • Barrel: Polished stock barrel ($0)
  • Hop: Flat-hop with lonex 50D and M-Nub material
  • Electrical: TITAN ~$180
  • Piston: 15t SHS Blue ~$12
  • Piston Head: POM SHS or Lonex
  • Cylinder Head: SHS
  • Air Nozzle: SHS O-Ring
  • Motor: ASG 22TPA
  • Bearings: Stock (Magic Box)
  • Gearbox: Modded Stock
  • Gearset: 12:1 SHS, ssd 1 or 2
  • Spring: Guarder M120 or M130
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