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I just got my CRB-M. Chronoed it at the shop with a consistent 395-398fps.

My question is, the field limit for our site is 450. What can I do to raise the FPS without ruining the warranty? and if i do decide to open it up, what upgrades can I do to bring it to around 450? 

I have a brand new EdGI 6.01 375mm inner barrel that I plan to install. Would that and a spring upgrade like a Guarder sp120 or sp130 bring it close to the goal I have?


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I can't speak to the warranty but an SP130 or SP140 spring would probably put you in the 450 FPS range. The barrel probably won't increase FPS by all that much on its own (maybe 10 fps?), but if I were you I'd just throw in the barrel and the SP130 spring, if you land short of 450 you'll probably still be pretty close and if you're over you probably won't be by too much so you can trim the spring or short-stroke the gearset and call it a day
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