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There's a lot of other companies making their own very cool products. Help this list grow by trying them out and discuss it with the forum.

This is a growing list of tested magazines showing fit and function. This list is intended to be a rough representation of tested materials conducted and collected by individuals contributing to the Krytac community. If the item is not listed, it could very well likely not have been tried. Please be advised; independent experience, magazine build quality, performance can vary and should be discussed here. YMMV


Action Army Highcap

A&K Highcap

Bravo/Lonex Flash Mag (Tight fitting)

DBoys Highcap

Echo1 190rd Highcap

Echo1 FAT Highcap (Tight fitting)

Echo1 Highcap

Elite Force 140rd Midcap

G&G 120rd Polymer Midcap

G&G Highcap

G&P 9mm Adapter

G&P metal Midcap

Jing Gong Highcap

KRYTAC Highcap

KWA Highcap

KWA K120 Midcap

KWA Midcap (early)

Mag 130 (short type) Midcap

MAG 130 Polymer Midcap

MAG 190 Metal Midcap

PTS EPM Midcap

PTS Magpul E-Mag Midcap

PTS Magpul Green Label Midcap

PTS Magpul P-Mag (short type) Midcap

PTS Magpul P-Mag Highcap

PTS Magpul P-Mag Midcap

S-Arms Midcap (black)

S-Arms Midcap (grey)

STAR 100rd Midcap

STAR 30rd Lowcap

STAR 50rd Midcap (Short type)

Tokyo Marui 190rd Highcap

Tokyo Marui Highcap

Tokyo Marui Lowcap

TOP Drum Magazine (tight fitting)

VFC Highcap

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