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Hello everyone,

I just got my Krytac Kriss Vector last week and I have a question about spring upgrade.Currently I use 11.1v battery and BB .20 and the FPS is from 328 to 338.

If I just only upgrade spring to M130 or M135, without other parts upgrade and how much FPS will be increased?

Hope you guys can share some experience with me.

Thank you~~
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Hello, punkzeke. You did not mention where you are located, but assuming you have the Vector AEG with 155mm, M120 spring, and KRYTAC 30K motor, the inner barrel length is the primary limiting factor with regard to velocity. Replacing the spring with a higher spring rate, you will see only a very minor increase in velocity. You are better off replacing the inner barrel with a longer inner barrel and installing a mock suppressor to cover up the extended inner barrel.
Any specifications given in my posts (unless specifically noted) are US market specifications. Your specifications may differ due to different markets, your country's regulations, etc.

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on a tight bore 185mm barrel i pair it with a 130 spring.

on a tight bore 285mm barrel i pair it with a 120 spring.

both yield just under 400fps on 20's.

i prefer the short barrel because for some reason the gun cycles better and feels snappier.

but the longer barrel is more accurate/consistent to a farther distance.

pending my mood on game day i will run either or.

i shoot .28s.


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Thanks for your sharing!

I am in Taiwan and I take Vector for CQB games. I want to keep it agile without a long barrel and also the regulation of the game is 384 fps~404 fps with .2 bb. Finally I can reach around 402 fps with 135% spring after I tested few springs.

If I will bring Vector to outdoor games in the future, I might start to consider increasing the barrel.

Thanks again! Cheers 

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