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So I believe I'm having and overspinning issue and I don't know what to do about it. Anytime I fire the gun it occasionally will cycle the gearbox slightly when I put it on safe. It never fires two bbs while shooting. I am aware that the vector automatically decompresses the spring when you go to safe but I know it should have only completed 1 full cycle and nothing more but sometimes it still moves the gearbox a slight amount. The vector is stock gears and running a M120 spring and also does it on a M130 spring. I use a 11.1 20c lipo. Thanks in advance for help!

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i may be wrong. but that kind of overspinning is normal. sounds like you didn't get a 2 round burst in semi auto.

over spinning that isn't correct would be installing a 90m spring and getting 2 rounds fired while in semi. this would be because the motor is too strong/fast for the softer spring.

just to clarify .. when you go to safety mode the sound you hear is the spring decompressing and the gearbox unwound backwards .. it did not cycle forward.


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Yeah this sounds like totally normal behaviour, slight overspin is often useful as it affords a small degree of precocking which gives you better trigger response in semi.

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