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My SPR fires on auto without my finger pulling the trigger. If I move the selector anywhere other than safe, it begins to fire. My guess is the trigger contacts are somehow causing this.

Does anyone have advice or maybe you have experienced a similar situation?

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Hello, Bacon_Stealth. This is typically seen under either of these conditions:
  • Trigger shuttle return spring has broken, leaving the trigger switch in the closed (firing) position.
  • MOSFET has failed.
When a MOSFET fails, the gate (switch) will fail in one of two positions:
  • Gate is open and the AEG will not fire.
  • Gate is closed and the AEG will continuously fire.

Please note, any specifications given in my posts (unless specifically noted) are North America/US market specifications. Your specifications may differ due to different markets, your country's regulations, etc.
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