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Hi guys, new to krytac just got a trident mk2 crb in the mail and have some questions. Been airsofting for years got out for some time and now getting back on the wagon. My question is spring, I go out with my friends and play outdoors private matches so legal isn't an issue, mind you I don't want to hurt my friends either. What I'm looking for is range and accuracy, I never shoot fully auto. My goal is .30 bbs @ 400fps Curious as to what results to expect as far as fps with an m130 at this bb weight (can't find anything on this in search) and wondering how stock bucking would handle. Would like to shoot 400fps or close to it with .30 bbs. Thanks guys.
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.30g BBs at 400 FPS is 2.22J, the equivalent of .20g BBs at 490 FPS. You're looking at installing an M150 spring if you want to achieve that velocity.

Any specifications given in my posts (unless specifically noted) are US market specifications. Your specifications may differ due to different markets, your country's regulations, etc.
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