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So I have  changed the nozzle on my CRB and put the gearbox together. Since it was my first time I had an assembly video next to me and as far as I can tell I have done everything correct. Now my issue is that when I put back the selector and try to put everything back into my lower, the gearbox won't fit.
It seems as if it is too wide with the selector on there. I checked the housing and it looks to be fitting as close to seamless as possible, but it still won't fit.

I truly have no idea and it puts me in a bit of a pickle as I have a tourney this weekend.
Hoping that someone has a solution for me. 

Thanks in advance for all help.


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And also some pics of the inside of the gearbox

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I see your tappet plate (A) is resting against the Sector Gear (B) tappet peg.


If so. You need to turn your Sector Gear (B) until the tappet peg on the gear is in the 1 o'clock position.

Also, you can install the main spring and spring guide last. To avoid accidental binds, pull the piston back so you can manipulate the piston from the back of the closed gearbox. This lets you push the piston to make sure it's free moving.


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Putting gearboxes back into airsoft guns can be quite tricky at first.

I don't know how best to explain it but each gun has a specific way to put the gearbox in so that it will just snap into place. Like on my G&P you need to tilt it back then forward with quite a bit of pressure and it'll slot right in no issues, on my G&G it's quite a bit easier and just a little bit of jiggling is all that's needed.

Worst I've had was a cheap crappy Chinese gun which took me over an hour of just wiggling it and trying different combinations of movements (placing the front end in first, the grip end in first etc.). I eventually just resorted to sitting and watching tv while I played with it and eventually it just snapped into place. Never opened it again lmao.

Quite often the back end of the gearbox needs to slot into the back of the lower receiver before you can push other parts of the gearbox in, I find seating the back end in first is what works with most guns, but I don't remember what Krytacs like.

You can probably be fairly firm but don't whale on it.
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