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Hi! Im new to the upgrading community and I am wanting to take my first dip into improving my MkII SPR.

I'm trying to focus on trigger response(turning it into a hair trigger?), I would also like to know what I would need to do to change my full auto into a 3 round burst using a MOSFET.

Also! any overall starter upgrade ideas are greatly welcomed(spring, piston head, inner barrel?), I will mainly be using it as a DMR/ Multipurpose role since my field is outdoors without fps restrictions. 
also Im based in the US if that matters 😉.
Thank you for your help!



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Trigger response and hair trigger are two separate upgrades, though not mutually exclusive.

Basically trigger response is how soon a bb leaves your barrel after you complete an electrical circuit with your trigger
"Hair trigger" upgrades are designed to reduce the downtime between cycles. That is, with mechanical trigger contacts, after youve taken a shot, you have to let out the trigger and allow the mechanical contacts to reset themselves before you can fire again.

A GATE TITAN MOSFET will likely be your best bet here. It will allow you to easily improve trigger response via precocking - it pre-loads your piston so the time between you pulling the trigger and a bb leaving your barrel is reduced, though not the overall cycle time. It also allows you to set up a hair-trigger thanks to its optical sensors, allowing you to fire as fast as humanly possible (6-8rps is achievable by most, though I think up to 12rps should be achievable with a lot of practice and the right setup). 
It will also allow you to change full auto to three round burst amongst many other gimmicks and tricks.

However, it is expensive, and precocking will require you to upgrade to a full metal rack piston. You will also have to modify your gearbox shell to fit it.

While youre in there, I would also change out the cylinder head for a full metal one and an o-ring nozzle of some sort. You won't be able to properly shim the gun without replacing the gearset (stick with 18:1 or 16:1 for now) which will require you to make other modifications with a dremel (forgot exactly what). A guarder spring will give you peace of mind when using precocking.

Of course, the best value for money and easiest thing to do would be to just do the TITAN, for now, if something breaks in the future or you feel like it you can do the other supporting upgrades. However, an FMR piston is ESSENTIAL for precocking.

I know this is a lot of info to take in, but if you need anything explained better (this has all been rushed out, sorry) then let me know.

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I have a spr mk2 with good trigger response. as the person above me said I have a gate titan, yes the gearbox does require a fair amount of Dremel work and needs a full metal rack piston(I have a shs one), it is well worth it. If you want the trigger to stop and not travel back after it is fired you can either get a speed adjustable trigger, like me, or you could do a custom trigger job. The only thing with the titan is the pull can only be so short because it still needs to pass over one of the trigger sensors in the titan. The btc spectre mk2 is another good programmable mosfet. It is considered to be better because it uses a microswitch for the trigger similar to hpa systems, but they are hard to come by. they are both pricey but worth it. 
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