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Hi! I currently have a stock Vector that came with the Defiance Suppressor. I use my CRB for the outdoor and I want the Vector to be my lighter loadout when I feel like running around the field.

Will I lose a lot of FPS, accuracy and range if I swap out the suppressor with a flash hider and go for a shorter but tight bore EdGI barrel?

Also, how long is the inner barrel of the unsuppressed version of the Vector. Thanks

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i have a 185mm tightbore laylax paired with an m130 spring. fps is around 390. so not much change in fps. if i pair with an m120 spring my fps will be around 350.

don't think range is affected much on the shorter barrel.

accuracy not as great and only noticeable if you are reaching out to about 170 feet. within 130 feet it is marginal. within 90 feet no real difference.

i'm from canada so i have the suppressed version with the longer barrel length of 285mm.

i believe the americans and most others in the world get the non-suppressed version which has i believe a 165mm barrel length.

i went with a 185 mm barrel because i just wanted more barrel and it hides within the flash hider.

if you don't use  flash hider and you want a super stubby gun and you just put on that end cap thing .. go with 165mm.


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Everywhere else gets 155mm. You'll lose FPS and accuracy. A by-product of losing FPS is losing your overall range. The Laylax 280mm is a good barrel if you're looking to improve upon your current performance.

A benefit of living in Canada is your laws allow certain things not allowed in the US. So you can shop around for a variety of options to replace the standard Defiance can.
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